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  My  art is an extension of my own journey. An inspired creative experience of paintings that explore the divine feminine. A womans spiritual power is intricately tied to who we are. It is often repressed from social norms, a narrow definition of what it means to be powerful, feminine and spiritual. I create images that feel like God in me. Sensual, and intense, that exude the halo of divinity. What is it to recognize who we really are? What does beauty mean beyond insecurity and social fabrication?  In my paintings I have given up trying to tell someone else's story and started to tell my own. And hopefully in telling my truth I speak to others.

  My ideas and symbolism come from diverse sources. The halos originated from the religious iconography of the middle ages. The stiff version of these religious figures with the lack of feminine truth. I tried to contradict the lack of feminine power in the images I created. It has often evolved into the mandala. The mandala is found around the world symbolizing the spiritual realm. The circle of life. I use colors and design found in folk art from around the world. I am inspired by the artists Frida Kahlo, Paul Gaugin, but especially the illustrations by the Art Nouveau artist, Alphonse Mucha, his depiction of women with great etherial beauty was an instant draw. The natural world is always a connection for me, including symbolic animals, flowers and insects.

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